Mobile Storage Solutions

Toronto Storage is a mobile storage company that offers full service moving and storage in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Trusted movers, we have been providing moving and storage solutions in the greater Toronto area since 2001. We are also one of the few movers in the GTA that can move you and store you in one trip. If you are in need of whole or partial household storage, business, commercial or seasonal equipment storage. Or maybe you are just planing to move? Toronto Storage can provide you with a pleasant moving experience and all the storage you need, in our secure and heated storage warehouse.

How It Works


Our mobile storage concept focuses on the short and long term storage of items in our 23,000 square foot storage warehouse. Our portable storage system allows us to drive our mobile storage units from our storage warehouse, to your house or business, anywhere in the greater Toronto area.


Upon arrival you can load the storage units yourself or for a nominal per hour fee, our professional movers will wrap and load your belongings into the mobile storage units for you. All protective blankets required will be provided free of charge, for the duration of your stay.


Once loaded, the mobile storage units are driven directly back to our storage warehouse. Your possessions are then kept in storage in Toronto until you need them returned. When that time comes we load and drive our mobile storage units back to your location, home or business, and professionally unload them for you.

It’s worth noting that 5 of our mobile storage units can usually accommodate a typically furnished 1500 sq.ft. home.

The Benefits

There are countless benefits to using our mobile storage service.


First, you never have to pay for extra storage space you are not using. If you only require two storage units, you will only be billed for two storage units. If you then retrieve one storage unit, you only pay for the remaining storage unit.


As soon as you have more items for storage, all you have to do is order another one of our storage units or add to the existing ones.


Unlike other moving & storage companies, your possessions are not handled 3 or 4 times. They are loaded once and unloaded once, directly to and from our mobile storage units, at your location.

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Are you staging a home? are you between closing dates? perhaps you are renovating or thinking of storing your off season sports equipment. Whatever moving or storage your situation requires, Toronto Storage has a solution. So give us a call, send us an email or drop by our state of the art facilities today.

Portable Storage Advantages

  • Only pay for the storage units that you use.
  • No extra charge for access to our storage warehouse.
  • No limit to the number of mobile storage units.
  • All of our mobile storage units are housed in a secure, climate and pest controlled storage warehouse.

No worries & No surprise costs

  • No limit to the length of time you can store your items. Our storage warehouse provides stress free, long term storage or short term storage.
  • Our storage warehouse provides large or small storage space.
  • No mould or mildew. Storage units are stored in an indoor climate-controlled storage warehouse.
  • No pests. Our storage warehouse has an advanced pest control program in place to keep pests out.
  • No worries. Our storage warehouse has a state-of-the-art monitored alarm system.